Elinor Samuelsson is a Swedish social entrepreneur, adviser, speaker, and artist. Founder of BrightAct – a digital safety net for domestic violence, globally. Exploring the true nature of reality through her design and art.

Elinor Samuelsson is a social entrepreneur and founder of BrightAct. BrightAct is a digital safety net for domestic violence, globally. Our mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence using technology.

Elinor designs digital and physical products that address vulnerable human emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety, loneliness, and self-esteem. Her work is influenced by the neuroscience behind the brain-state of meditation and deep relaxation, and by using the psychology of gamification to guide positive behavioral change.

Elinor was one of the front leaders for Sweden’s emerging Innovation Lab for Preventative Mental Health. She is the creator of Happylab, a school platform to quantify teenagers mental wellbeing, and UX consultant for Aescape Wellness Robotics and Fitness Tech. With an academic background in User Experience Design and Systems Thinking, Elinor merges scientific research with consciousness theory to develop processes that are sticky, impactful and engaging.

Former co-founder of the Kokon, a startup that designs multisensory environments based on science to create a kinder, more collective future. Their first product, the Kokon Pod, is a stress reduction pod for offices that help break the cycle of chronic stress.  They work with care metrics for self-actualization, responsive smart environments, circular processes to upcycle fashion waste, and hiring for social inclusion.

Previously User Experience Designer @Crunchfish for human-machine interactions using computer vision and ibeacon technology. Elinor has worked with augmented reality, IoT, wearables, virtual reality and has 3 patents pending and released apps with over 400,000 users. 

A graduate of Parsons the New School for Design, with an interest in open innovation, data patterns and participatory design.

With a deep connected love for nature, Elinor seeks to protect ancient forests and biodiversity and is interested in how to merge biotech and urban infrastructure. Elinor practices yoga almost every day, eats a plant-based diet, loves to horseback ride and climbing mountains.

She’s @elinorsamuelsson on Instagram.

Barcelona | Stockholm | San Francisco





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