Prototyping at Dome of Visions: Regenerative Spaces for Rest and Nurture

We created a cocooning experience as a regenerative environment for community care and rest. Here we performed rituals such sensory meditation sessions, tarot card readings, community sharing circles, and crystal healing.

The Cocoon environment was designed using sensory stimuli to help visitors reach a deeper state of relaxation and trust. We used soundwaves, scent particles, and soft textures to design for rest.

The Cocooning experience was designed inside the Dome of Visions for the Museum of Now at Kaospilot in Århus, Denmark. The Dome of Visions is a space that wishes to inspire to new ways of living and reflecting. 


Nathalie Wahlberg is a performer, artist and experience designer using all her ways of knowing (Rational, Emotional, Sensorial) in the creation of experiential transformations. She has a background within the dance and circus field and uses her expertise within embodied learning to guide individuals and groups in transformative processes.

Elena Lundqvist Ortíz is a curator and community organizer. She is a member of the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, the Syndicate of Creatures and Rewild.Studio where she hosts exhibitions, talks and walks. She is passionate about creating space for personal and planetary healing, and the urgent need for ecological and community care.

Read more about Dome of Visions here.

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