Facilitator with Kaospilot: Fellowship Experiential Design Immersion

Elinor facilitated an immersive experiential design weekend with Kaospilot School in Århus, Denmark. The goal of the immersion was to prototype a long term educational complement that might help students immerse in their craft. The fellowship will be divided into three states:

Reflection * Inspiration * Action *

Reflection as an immersive weekend in nature where fellows find their north star, craft their vision, taylor their portfolios and contemplate how their skills as Kaospilots fit into the larger scope of Experiential Design.

Inspiration will entail a field trip to visit thought leaders, learn about their craft, design an experiential community dinner and connect to a larger network of Experience Designers.

Action is collectively and individually designing the experience of 4 rooms inside a house that will be demolished. Action is free creativity unleashed through a multimedia and multimodal gamified experience.

Read more about Kaospilot here.

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