Speaking at DataFest: Using data to improve outcomes for vulnerable people

DataFest showcases Scotland’s leading role in data science and artificial intelligence on the international stage, while offering an unparalleled networking platform for local and international talent, industry, academia and data enthusiasts. It is run by The Data Lab – Scotland’s innovation centre for data and artificial intelligence, hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

This year we’re welcoming quantum computing professors, nanotechnologists, entrepreneurs, data ethicists, philosophers, musicians and artists, and so many more, to talk on the overarching theme of ‘hope’ – focusing on how data and AI can be used to create a better world and society.

Panel: Alex Hutchison (UNICEF Data for Children Collaborative), Alex Fassio (Ministry of Justice), Elinor Samuelsson (BrightAct), and Giselle Cory (DataKind) will discuss the innovative ways their organisations are using data to improve the outcomes for vulnerable people around the world.

Elinor and Sofie will talk about BrightAct’s innovative work and how they’re harnessing data for good at DataFest in Edinburgh. A festival of data innovation across Scotland.

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