Wellness Expert and Workshop Facilitator: Well*beings Corporate Wellness

Wellbeings is NYC’s community of 500 game changers in wellness. We are finding solutions for America’s health crisis through wellness, mentorship, and travel, helping to prevent career burnout and strengthen leadership in the workplace.

Elinor is a wellness expert and workshop facilitator for the Well*Beings x Spotify Wellness Team partnership.

Elinor helps corporations design sensory spaces for rest, focus and curiosity. She designs environments, rituals, and experiences in the office that nurture active relaxation to prevent burnout, aligning attention for execution, and sparking joy for creativity.

Her science-first approach creates environments that feel different and aligns with your brain. Elinor works with scientists to engineer spaces specifically designed to help people enter particular mental states within minutes of use.

Elinor works with sensory workshops, designing physical spaces, and aligning the team’s biorhythms with their work schedule.

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